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What is AimPoint Green Reading?

Predictive putt technology, green reading instruction, and player performance analysis!

Private tuition

Private Tuition

Jamie Donaldson has given private AimPoint Coaching to a number of clients ranging from beginners to the world’s best including Adam Scott, Ian Poulter and Stacey Lewis as well as many winners on tour, each seeing a substantial improvement in their putting helping them to hole more putts and lower their golf scores. Jamie teaches out of Woburn Golf Club but can travel to other venues if required. Each session is a minimum of an hour with the first session required to be 2 hours as this is necessary for Jamie to build a good image of the clients putting which, following verbal, visual and kinaesthetic feedback is then changed to deliver greater results. Prices for coaching with Jamie Donaldson are as follows.

AimPoint Clinics

Jamie delivers AimPoint Clinics across the globe for a wide range of golfers, from those on tour to the 28-handicapper looking to break 100.

AimPoint Putting Clinics are a fantastic way to learn the methods of the AimPoint Green Reading system which has transformed the putting of those who use it. Many say they enjoy the game more with increased putting confidence and putts holed. Jamie is attached to Woburn Golf Club in the United Kingdom, however he also travels to other clubs to host clinics at request.

An AimPoint class duration is 2 hours during which a player will earn AimPoint Express, the express green reading method used by most of the world’s greatest golfers on all tours.

Achieving results, enjoying significant improvements and being a tour professional isn’t necessary, all that’s required is the willingness to learn and better oneself.

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AimPoint Green Reading

AimPoint Technologies is a company focused on the science of predictive putt technology, green reading instruction, and player performance analysis, with the goal of improving golf performance and educating golfers in a quick and efficient manner.

AimPoint players dominate on the World stage with currently half the Worlds Top 10 professional golfers using AimPoint. We have developed the Emmy-winning and patented AimPoint technology which can accurately predict optimum putting parameters and putt trajectories from any point on a green to any other point. This technology has been used regularly on the Golf Channel since 2007 and won the George Wensel Award for Technical Achievement at the 2007 Sports Emmy Awards

Mark Sweeney - AimPoint Founder

"The best kept secret in golf"

AimPoint founder, Mark Sweeney, was named one of golf’s Top Innovators by Golf Digest Magazine, and was called “the best kept secret in golf” by the Golf Channel. He teaches a new highly effective green-reading method to professional, amateur, and junior golfers.

AimPoint Technologies also consults top golf courses and architects on green rebuilds and renovations to ensure that they play as expected at target green speeds. AimPoint is based at the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club in Orlando, Florida.

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